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i like asking questions, to gain more knowledge, i like observing people and formulating my own theory.. LOL i'm a curious person and i like to learn many things Now that you know me, you should follow me, or you could get to know me, Ask me anything. Looking for something?

Kung hindi ka naman talaganag gago,

Kapatid ko sinulot mo

Di ka kuntento sa girlfriend mo,

Pati kami ginulo mo


As the wind blows,

All I can think is You

You always get me thinking,

On a roller coaster thing


You make me happy

That’s why I’m always witty,

Thank you for coming into my life,

I hope you and I will collide


I wish you will not elude me,

Because that will just hurt thee,

As you look into my eyes

I think everything is nice


This love is kind,

And so is your mind

And every time I see you smile,

I want you to be mine.